Randy Hooper - March 29, 2013
Category: Produce Update

Producers in B.C. and Washington are adding up what apples are left. Expect prices to rise slowly in anticipation of thin inventories, and traditionally higher prices on import fruit. Import costs, sea freight and currency issues are going to add 11% to pricing on Argentinian apples – and they lost over 25% of their crop to hail a few weeks ago. The first S. American Gala should arrive in 3 weeks or less. We totally blew it on avocados and should have loaded another truck well before the holiday, forgetting how hard it is to find a Mexican driver during Holy Week. We expect to gap on a couple of sizes later in the week until the next load arrives. Strawberries are coming on strong in Watsonville - expect the season to burst open in a week with prices coming off quickly. We were eating berries at JW Farm a few days ago and WOW are they awesome! Good news on the grapefruit front as we transition varieties at Las Palomas in Mexico – they are on the road in a few days. The mango deal is widening up quickly with Oaxaca and Chiapas fruit overlapping the last Peruvian. Quality is good across the board. Prices down on Ataulfo as well as more areas open up. The first icebox watermelons from new fields in Sinaloa are coming off early – temperatures well over 30C for a week speeded these up ahead of earlier expectations. Some varieties of specialty citrus are winding down, including Cara’s, with stronger pricing on larger fruit. Navel harvests are moving to later varieties, with expectations of 10 more weeks. California Valencia’s are underway, but pale in comparison to the peak of the Mexican fruit. Of course, with two competing areas, prices are dropping. We’ve just added D’Anjou pears to the list as more Argentina varieties start to roll in. Hope you saw those pictures Reiko sent out on Wednesday of these gorgeous gold bunch beets from Nature’s Way – lots available.

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Randy Hooper - March 27, 2013
Category: Produce Update

Oh you can tell Easter weekend is upon us with strong sales on strawberries, avocado, asparagus, specialty citrus – all the things that come together to make great brunches!

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Stefan Misse - March 26, 2013

FORTALEZA, Brazil, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Organic tomatoes are smaller in size compared with conventionally grown tomatoes, but they are much better quality in terms of health, U.S. researchers say.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found tomatoes grown on organic farms were some 40 percent smaller than conventionally grown tomatoes, but contained significantly higher levels of vitamin C, sugar and lycopene -- a substance linked to a lower risk of stroke and some types of cancers, particularly prostate cancer.

Aurelice B. Oliveira, Eneas Gomes-Filho, Maria Raquel A. Miranda of the Universidade Federal do Ceara in Fortaleza, Brazil, and colleagues in Brazil and France, said until recently, the focus has been mainly on yield rather than on micronutritional quality of fresh plant products.

"This might be all right for staple food, but, as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, it may be argued that taste and micronutritional quality matter more than calorie supply," the researchers wrote in the study.

The researchers explained plants grown under the organic system of agriculture "stressed out" plants, because when tomato plants fought pests without pesticides, they produced more stress compounds such as vitamin C and lycopene to repel insects.

More research is needed to better understand the links between stress and oxidative stress, the researchers said.



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Reiko Fujibayashi - March 24, 2013
Category: Hot Shots










Howdy Y’all!


The Sun came out!!!


I saw it, I really, really did!

Such a relief that the day’s are finally getting longer…I noticed that it was still light out at 7:00 last night! 

Such a shocker.

Can’t complain though, my Saskatchewan friends and family are positively buried! 


My hearts go out to you, Prairie folk…if you need a respite, come visit us in Vancouver!

Easter and Passover are almost here, which means family get-togethers, and big feeds.


Good to remember when ordering, as produce is flying fast!

Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered…

File 1769

Delicious Dill!


Fat bunches from Lakeside…so fragrant and fresh!

File 1770

Asparagus from California!


Nothing quite says Spring like asparagus.


At least, Spring in California!

File 1771

Snap Peas from Del Cabo.


Beautiful, with great “snap!”

File 1782

Mixed Medley Cherry Toms from Del Cabo.


Sweet, crisp and bright!!


File 1774

Bunched Spinach from Nature’s Way.


This spinach is large and leggy, but is tender and sweet!


I steam the whole thing, stems and all…my favorite.

File 1775

Kent Mangos from Peru!

File 1777

Red Bartlett Pears from Viva Tierra.


Nice blush!

File 1784

Palestine Sweet Limes from Deer Creek in California.

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Reiko Fujibayashi - March 23, 2013
Category: Hot Shots




Howdy Folks!

How ya keepin’?

I know that many of you are facing the vagaries of March weather (snowing in Calgary today) but please believe that Spring, real Spring, is around the corner!

The sun is shining, and the birds are singing (right at this present moment, though it’s supposed to rain all week. After 5 years I’ve finally bought gumboots, so I’m prepared!) It’s all good.

The coolers gave hints of warmer weather today, and there are many new selections!

Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered…

File 2409

Green Onions from Onion King!

Nice, beefy onions, these are super fresh!

File 2410

Green Mustard from Vantreight Farm in Saanichton, BC.
Oh my goodness.
Super bright flavors (*you feel just a hint of it in your sinuses), giving me lots of happy ideas for spring salads.

File 2411

Red Spring Onions, 24ct, from Capay!
Absolutely stunning.
(You might see me grilling these outside this week…probably in my gumboots and rain jacket. It will be so worth it.)

File 2412

Rapini (Broccolini-Kale Raab) from Siri & Sons!
This is a great one!
With Broccolini and Kale characterictics (it’s like, a super crucifer), this Raab is great!

Nutty flavor, and a great addition to the dinner table!

Keep it simple:

File 2413

Divine Flavor Mini Sweet Peppers!
Beauties. (And what a cute motto!)

File 2414

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Randy Hooper - March 22, 2013
Category: Produce Update

Lots to talk about today, so here’s your rundown. Apple supply continues strong but as more varieties transition to Washington expect prices to creep up on most popular varieties. Avocado market is strong with stable pricing – fruit gets tastier with every shipment as we move to late season higher-oil picks. Blueberries in good supply with prices not yet firming. Lots of fair trade blues arriving Tuesday. Grapefruit supply will push back to Texas for a few weeks, while we gap between varieties in Mexico just up the hill above Ixtapa. Mango selection improving for a couple of weeks with strong supply on Ataulfo and final shot of Peruvian Kents. Prices will trend higher until first crop starts to emerge from Michoacan in a few weeks. Shadehouse melons are about done from coastal Sonora, but expect production to ramp up from field in S. Baja and Sinaloa states in the next couple of weeks. Unseasonably cool daytime temps have slowed things in Sinaloa for awhile, now finally getting into the 25-30C range that melons love. Navels, Bloods and Cara Cara are still enjoying nights close to freezing. Continuing rocking quality on high end Navels from multiple vendors, especially Tule Classic product from John France. Minneolas and other easy-peelers are still strong, but deals on definite price differential on smaller fruit. Our pear selection is all Argentina Green and Red Bartlett with our first Fair Trade fruit due in Tuesday. Warm temps hit Oxnard just in time to bring on the first true flush of strawberries in time for Easter, and down-trending pricing – take advantage of the Easter pull and build a nice display! Asparagus is now shipping from multiple regions in California with good supply - always a great Easter item as well (Bennies with grass, anyone?) Organic producers use fava beans as a cover crop to fix nitrogen.

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Reiko Fujibayashi - March 20, 2013
Category: Hot Shots










Hi Y’all!



Check out today’s Fresh Picks!


Don’t forget that Easter is around the corner, the Sun is starting to shine, and people are craving more fruit & veg!

File 1759

Stunning Bunched Beets (Red, Gold and Chioggia) from Nature’s Way!

File 1760

They deserve 2 pics!

File 1763

Vibrant Red Peppers from Sunfed!

File 1761

Minneola Tangelos from Corona Heights in California!


Great fragrance and flavor, with lots o’ zing!

File 1764

Harvest Gold Pineapple from Mexico!

File 1765

Chiechi Farm Bagged Kiwi, 20x1#....a great choice!

File 1762

And finally, perfectly ripe and oh-so-delicious Ataulfo Mangos from Purity!


These are rich and sweet, with a deeply orange flesh and are super aromatic!



Thanks for checking out today’s Fresh Picks…give us a call to find out what’s great!



Big Love,


Reiko Fujibayashi


truth. transparency. trust. relationships.


Discovery Organics


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Randy Hooper - March 20, 2013
Category: Produce Update

It’s spring and there’s still a great selection of apples – 14 varieties with 8 still from B.C., although we expect that to change fairly soon as we see inventories dropping quickly on local fruit. New avocado load is in, with good selection on all sizes. Two listings on bananas, with full colour selection now available. Blueberries have been tight this week, but mainly due to transport issues – we have oodles arriving next week, with the season expected to be done by month-end. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for California to start early in April to keep the train chuggin’ along. Having grapes this time of year has been a bonus – this new Peruvian deal is going to stretch grapes out to a 9 or 10 month feature – Peru is still in production, with the first Mexican fruit due in 6 or 7 weeks. Ataulfo mangos are in good supply. We have more Peruvian product arriving next week – this is from producers in Chimbote whose fruit comes on much later than the major regions, and with the first major pull on Michoacan fruit just a couple of weeks away, we may not have much of a gap at all…and remember the Mexican deal goes right into October. Melons will be scarce for a couple of weeks, then the cantaloupe flood will begin. Cold weather is keeping interest high on a wide range of citrus, with some great demand on specialties. Asparagus supply will now be consistent for a couple of months. There were a lot of hiccups with multiple freezes in both winter production areas (Caborca and Baja). Green bean supply is increasing with fields north of Mazatlan recovering after several foggy days ruined a couple of flushes. Broccoli supply is tightening up, with prices expected to adjust a bit next week.

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Randy Hooper - March 16, 2013
Category: Produce Update

Apply supply continues to meet demand. We were kind of worried about this after all the hail losses last summer, but higher prices moved some demand away from organic which has kept inventories fairly stable. Our next truck of avocado arrives Tuesday – just in time. Major problems in the banana world with the normal low supply this time of year as we head into the Peruvian winter, coupled with a couple of new viruses that are requiring culling quite a bit of fruit. We’re working with the producers, but you can expect to see some Mexican fruit listed over the next few weeks as we fill gaps – we expect to have little Fair Trade fruit for most of next week. Sell through on blueberries has been excellent but due to container delays on Fair Trade blues, we may run tight for a few days at the end of the week before the next ones arrive. Mango sales are brisk, but we’re about to enter the squeeze play between the last of the S. Hemisphere fruit and the first arrivals on Mexican, so we expect to be a little tight mid-week, but just for a couple of days. But there’s lots of good news on the fruit front – Argentina pears are now in high demand, quality excellent, and we also expect our Fair Trade program to kick in fairly soon. There’s still a great citrus selection, with 8 different varieties of oranges to tempt your customers with. New this week is the Palestinian Sweet Lime – the equivalent to a Meyers Sweet Lemon. These are not dark green like Persians – but a very worthy seasonal treat. We’re on the Asparagus train now – should be a permanent fixture for a few months. No green beans on our list. We were expecting quite a few from our BOA farm in Los Mochis, but several foggy days got some mold going, and that has done them in, and there is really very little out there right now. We hope you agree that the Nature’s Way greens we’ve been receiving over the past few months have been just stellar. This weeks new items include all three colours of bunched beets.

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Randy Hooper - March 13, 2013
Category: Produce Update

Apple supply remains strong, with lots of BC and Washington fruit available. Avocado sales have been brisker than normal, so you may have to jump sizes until our next truck arrives from Michoacan early next week. Blueberries continue strong, with nice fruit from 3 shippers, but the last berries from Chile are now on the water, so expect this whole deal to wind down over the next few weeks – California starts mid-April. Moderate temperatures in the strawberry belt north of LA are producing some beautiful berries, with prices coming off ever so slowly. The Peruvian mango program is winding down, with the last fruit now in. Mexico Ataulfos are selling well, with the first Tommys expected over the next couple of weeks. The citrus explosion continues, with a vast array of fruit in the pipeline. Pear selection has thinned quickly, with only about a week’s worth of Washington red D’Anjou left, leaving us with all new crop out of Argentina. Bartlett varieties first, then moving to later fruit over the next few weeks. Asparagus production is moving into southern California, as the long march northwards begins, ending in Ontario three months away. Expect pricing to subside a bit every week as more producers get into the market. Broccoli prices have firmed up a few dollars this week, but don’t expect major adjustments. There aren’t any supply issues on the green veg market, except on celery, which is always tight this time of year as Mexico winds down, and coastal California is just getting going in a fairly small way. We are seeing less and less celery production out of the California desert areas. Celery needs far more water than many other crops, and with less water available, growers opt out of this crop. English cuke supply from Origino is tightening – cloudy days just don’t help greenhouse growing here on the coast, and we haven’t seen much (any?) sun for quite awhile. Kales are up a bit, except on Lacinato.

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