Fair Trade certified blueberries being harvested for Interrupcion
Agrovida Coop mango growers in Piura, Peru.
Domingo Guzman in his avocado orchard. He is part of the La Grama Coop in Peru.
Rafael Rodriguez holding a bunch of freshly harvested radishes from his field in Mexico.
Bruce Miller from Across the Creek, harvesting potatoes in Pemberton.


Randy Hooper - July 21, 2014
Category: Produce Update

Gala apple supply is tightening quickly with nothing left on the water.  California’s early Gala’s are a couple of weeks out – we will likely squeeze through.  Another container from NZ is just un-loading, giving us great stock of all varieties, including a flood of Pinks – we will not have a shortage this year.  Expect to see the very first of BC early dessert apples in 10 days.  Our last avocado container from Peru is in and arrived early, so please talk to us about promotions – the quality continues to be excellent, but we are very crowded on 22/24 ct.  We’ll see Neil Sproule’s first cherries over the weekend, startingn with Yellow Rainier and moving to Lapin later in the week.  The small Keremeos/Cawston crop is done, but there’s lots of volume in the North Okanagan to go for several weeks.  Blueberries are flying out the door, as they always do, with the 5# box being the bread-winner. Lemon prices are on the rise as we approach the slowest part of the year for production. Thankfully we have a good supply of limes to keep your drinks citrusy.  Rest of the citrus category is steady.  Watch for a deluge of BC apricots starting mid-week – volumes are expected to be significant from all Similkameen producers.  The veg front is incredibly stable with multiple growers of most greens in the mix, and mostly local backed up with Washington and Oregon supply.  Early surprises for July include bulk beets on their way from West Enderby Farm in the North Okanagan.  As expected Ray and Tim at Ralph’s Greenhouses have a beautiful selection for us – Ray doesn’t take chances with his reputation and only tries one new crop a year, after a good commercial trial the year before.  Six years ago he was only growing carrots and leeks – now he’s grown to a wide selection, with the addition of fennel this year.

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