Fair Trade certified blueberries being harvested for Interrupcion
Agrovida Coop mango growers in Piura, Peru.
Domingo Guzman in his avocado orchard. He is part of the La Grama Coop in Peru.
Rafael Rodriguez holding a bunch of freshly harvested radishes from his field in Mexico.
Bruce Miller from Across the Creek, harvesting potatoes in Pemberton.


Stefan Misse - December 17, 2014
Category: Hot Shots

From Jodi:

Did you notice what the date is?! That happened fast. Winter solstice is already upon us and I’m still looking wishfully at my sandals. To make up for it: I’ve piled our citrus cooler high with all kinds of sweet things. With all the imminent new year’s juicing resolutions it might be a good time to start thinking about orders of citrus, beets, greens and ginger – conveniently, we’re well stocked on all those things! We’re hoping to not see banana shortages coming up, but there are some labour conflicts going on along the Westcoast ports that might affect our arrivals – I’m currently praying to the longshoremen gods for hope and speedy deliveries, we’ll see how that pans out.

From Stefan:

With the Canadian currency slide (raising import costs) and the end of the autumn Mexico production programs there are a few things that are still going to be tight in supply, namely cucumbers, tomatoes and beans. We have multiple pallets on route but Christmas demand I am sure will scoop those up as fast as they come in. Divine Flavor is all but wrapped up now for the year aside from their TOVs which will arrive Friday. Longview Farm (formerly known as Vantreight Farm) has graced us with another shot of BC squash just in time for the holidays. Trevor at Sundance Farm in Cawston is still promoting his large Spartans so feel free to ask for a volume discount if you want to stock up. Troy and Sara Harker are in Vancouver for a few days spreading their Christmas cheer and we are going to take some time today to sit down with them and make some plans for January with their C/A apples. Two EEs still has BC green cabbage for us and our fingers are still crossed we are going to get more brussels from them on the weekend.

From Annie:

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