Fair Trade certified blueberries being harvested for Interrupcion
Agrovida Coop mango growers in Piura, Peru.
Domingo Guzman in his avocado orchard. He is part of the La Grama Coop in Peru.
Rafael Rodriguez holding a bunch of freshly harvested radishes from his field in Mexico.
Bruce Miller from Across the Creek, harvesting potatoes in Pemberton.


Randy Hooper - November 22, 2014

Well, last week was a bizarre week - demands for greens soared with all local production halted, then we had several pro-rates and cancelled orders because of the huge demand on organic producers in California – not only trying to handle supplying all of the continent, but also in the process of transitioning production from Salinas south to the southern desert regions.  Unexpected cold wiped out all remaining field crops from Joe Siri and Ralph’s Greenhouse as well.   It was below freezing in every single state yesterday at some point, with only coastal Gulf communities and southern Florida missing the bullet.  It was warmer in Nome Alaska on Thursday (14C) than Tallahassee Florida, and of course most people are aware of the record snows and cold that have enveloped the U.S., smashed hundreds and hundreds of records and buried some communities in 200 cm. of snow.  One of the largest conventional lettuce and greens shipper in the US sent out a press release last week that stated “It appears as if the winter vegetable deal from the California and Arizona desert may be one of the ages. There were several late summer storms that came roaring up from the Pacific Ocean through Baja California and into the California and Arizona deserts.

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