Beryle and Johnny of Beryle's Organic Paradise in Oliver BC
Debbie Evans and some of the boys from Sundance Farms in Cawston take a break from the organic pear harvest.
Mike from Discovery Harvesting wheat at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico
Rafael from Baja Organic Agriculture at Ejido Benito Juarez Leyes de Reforma in Mexico


Randy Hooper - April 23, 2014
Category: Produce Update

There have been 2 reported tornadoes in the major avocado and mango growing regions in Michoacan Mexico – one was one month ago, and the other was last weekend. The most recent one carved a 2 km wide swath of high winds across a valley filled with mango trees just as harvest was beginning. Pictures of orchards with a carpet of mangos on the ground is pretty dis-heartening. People there are not used to tornadoes. YouTube videos show dozens of people standing on the street in a town, just a block or two away from the tornado, watching in fascination and horror at something they’ve never seen before - a far cry from the U.S., where everyone would have been underground and had a tornado warning texted to them ½ an hour earlier. Only a very small percentage of the crop was affected, although devastating for dozens of growers, who have no crop insurance. Speaking of mangos – the much awaited firsts load of non-dipped fruit is set to unload today. Mangos have to go through a hot water “thermal” treatment for sale to most countries – this is to kill fruit fly eggs. Because those fruit flies can’t handle a Canadian winter, they aren’t a risk here. We list fruit we are buying direct from producers that aren’t bought in the U.S. as “non-dip”. This fruit has a longer shelf life, but the important thing is that flesh hasn’t been altered with 40C water, which can cause un-even ripening, stringy texture, and loss of flavor as they ripen too quickly without all the sugar being expressed in the fruit. Our first NZ apples should be available for delivery to you in 2 weeks – couldn’t be a minute too soon as supply continues to shrink to virtually nothing. Only early season Gala are currently arriving from Chile and Argentina with high pressure Fuji and Cripps Pink due later. California stonefruit starts shipping in a week – this is always an exciting time as fruit racks expand with the arrival of apricots, plums and peaches.

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