Fair Trade certified blueberries being harvested for Interrupcion
Agrovida Coop mango growers in Piura, Peru.
Domingo Guzman in his avocado orchard. He is part of the La Grama Coop in Peru.
Rafael Rodriguez holding a bunch of freshly harvested radishes from his field in Mexico.
Bruce Miller from Across the Creek, harvesting potatoes in Pemberton.


Reiko Fujibayashi - July 28, 2014
Category: Hot Shots




Howdy Folks!

How goes your Summer?

Hope you’re getting in a little R&R, despite all that work-stuff we all gotta do!
The weather’s been weird…sunny one minute, raining the next.

Hopefully it’s been treating the veg okay (*maybe not the fruit, sounds like Okanagan Cherries are getting hit again) and that some will thrive!
BC’s putting it’s stamp on the place, and everything’s looking bee-oot-i-full!
Let’s take a look at what we’ve discovered…

File 2653

Napa Sui Choy Cabbage from Two EE’s!

I made a slaw the other day…kind of like this one:


(Well, I didn’t use peanut butter…mine was a bit ascetic, I guess.)

File 2654

Ralph’s Bunched Carrots!

File 2655

Romaine Lettuce from Myers.

File 2656

Purple Bunched Carrots from Ralph’s. These still surprise me!

File 2657

The first batch of Heirloom Tomatoes from GBE in Chilliwack!

Drool. Nothing like a sunshine-warmed tomato…with a lil’ salt, if you have it!

File 2658

Baby Bok Choy from Myers!


Juicy and fresh, I love these babies.

File 2659

Red Seedless Grapes from Pavich!

Sweet and crunchy.

File 2660

Look, Ataulfo Mangos!

File 2661

A variety of counts available!

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